This also works with scarves and similar. I had all the rings on one hangar in my last place - meant it was easy to get all of the tops out in one go to see what I could choose from! Sadly now I barely have enough space to hang more than a few dresses so nearly everything is folded. » 3/18/14 6:04pm 3/18/14 6:04pm

In addition to 52 weeks of cooking on Reddit there is also 52 weeks of baking! I'm taking part in that when I can (i.e. when I get back to my place and have a kitchen). is the link, and week 1 looks so delicious :D » 1/02/14 2:42am 1/02/14 2:42am

My problem is that I only discovered today that there's a new beta for Mavericks Safari (it completely broke with the update), and apparently that's been out for 2 weeks but didn't update itself. Can anyone suggest any alternatives? » 12/03/13 7:37am 12/03/13 7:37am

I recently bought a new printer (my uni insists on assignments being handed in in paper form!) and made the decision to get one with an auto duplexer and a ADF on the top - which can duplex too. It's an Epson but it seems to have been fine with everything I've thrown at it so far! I wanted a ScanSnap but it was… » 4/08/13 11:04pm 4/08/13 11:04pm

As a warning to people it does crash, a lot. I did this 3 days ago and the same with Photoshop Touch. iPhoto works quite well but I got used to memorising what I was doing to when it crashed I could re-do my steps. On the other hand I now know how it works pretty well ;) » 3/12/12 9:39am 3/12/12 9:39am

I just made my wireless network invisible, it has a short easy name, an easy to remember sentence password, and no-one can see it. After connecting my roommate's netbook (he uses ethernet on his main PC) I can completely forget about it even being there. As a bonus no-one ever visits and asks to connect to my wifi any… » 3/10/12 10:24pm 3/10/12 10:24pm

I can be sort of messy, my room tends to look like a bomb's hit it during the week but I make a point of going through everything and tidying up on Fridays and I have a deal with my roommate which is basically "if it's my turn to do X chore tell me to do it when you want it done", which means for example I know that… » 3/10/12 10:15pm 3/10/12 10:15pm

I have a slipcase and sometimes the bumper on my iPhone 4 - the bumper is only on the phone when I leave the house as I tend to dock it at home (and it's too big), but I sure was glad that it had it when the phone jumped out of my hand in the carpark the other day! A colleague did exactly the same thing but without a… » 3/10/12 10:09pm 3/10/12 10:09pm

I use GTD combined with the Pomodoro technique (just timing for working/breaks) and don't break the chain for new habits I'm trying to form. It sounds complicated but I have very few contexts for GTD which makes life a lot easier. » 3/01/12 10:18pm 3/01/12 10:18pm